STREET MICE SERIES STREET MICE SERIES AMIGO has travelled a long way for a taco. Beaumont St Hamilton 206092253 STOMPER has been walking the streets of Newcastle for days looking for a Mouse BNB. He finally found one in Lauers Lane 205189797 MOUSE ACADEMY Recruiting now. Auckland St Newcastle 205189798 EDAM has hit the jackpot. Union st Newcastle 205189800 CHEDDAR is happy too. Union St Newcastle 205189802 CHATTERS lost connection in Auckland St and so has headed for Hamilton. 205189801 MOBY got the connection back. 205189803 SHIVVERS found a block of ice to climb in Merewether St. 205189804 THE MOUSE APARTMENTS Sneaky was spotted breaking into apartment 35 on Centenary St. 205189805 E.T. is phoning home from Hunter St. 205189806 SUPERMOUSE is ready for action in Hunter St. 205189807 CUFFS Worth Place Station closed. Sorry. 205189808 the JAILHOUSE Closed to the general public. Hunter St Newcastle 205189810 STRIPES is still trying to get out. Hunter st newcastle 205189799 BANJO has spent too much time at the Hunter St Library. 205189809 STAMPER has friends overseas. Hunter St Newcastle 205189812 STAMPER and ME Not the best working conditions but my micies are worth the pain. 205189811 CONFUCIUS say King St wery busy. 205189813 SQUEAK is tied up in red...ribbon in Burwood St Newcastle. 205189814 PAULO the FRUITO has set up next to IGA in Beaumont St Hamilton 'cause the landlord kept booting out his mates. 206092248 LOTUS the FLORIST is Paulo's wife and works next door in Beaumont St Hamilton. 206092250 BOOKMOUSE couldn't find anything suitable to read at the newsagent so he started his own book collection in Beaumont St Hamilton. 206092249 CREEPER has found the book he wants. 206092251 MOUSONIC HALL was founded in Beaumont St by Mr Mason Mouse. Unfortunately, he has been kidnapped. There is 1 prime suspect. If Mason is returned then all will be well...if not, Karma Mouse may step in. 206092252 KARMA MOUSE has much power. 206093560 KARMA HOUSE Home to Karma Mouse. Beaumont St Hamilton 206092256 KARMA HOUSE is a place for the Art Soul. Beaumont St Hamilton 206092255 ROXY MOUSE THEATRE When the original Roxy Theatre in Beaumont St closed down pubic demand was so great that the Mice decided to open their own across the road. 206092254 LE CHEESE SHOPPE is up for auction. Enquire with Hammer. Beaumont St Hamilton 206092258 PROFESSOR ALCHEMOUSE is renting space outside the chemist in Beaumont St. 206092259