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                                                           A unique art and coffee experience

                         flying spanners gallery

Photo Gallery

COMPETITIONS COMPETITIONS DESERT AWAKENS acrylic on panel Winner - Mural entry Jamestown Mural Festival 2013 205189748 LAND DOWN UNDER acrylic on panel Mural entry Jamestown Mural Festival 2014 205189747 SOME LIKE IT HOT oil on canvas Winner of the People's Choice section of Newcastle's Kilgour Prize 2017 205189757 PORTALS timber Winner of the Dobell Sculpture Prize 2014 206154153 TRICKLEDOWN old drillpress,water insulators, fire exitinguisher This is a solar powered water fountain which was exhibited at Sculptures by the Sea, Bondi, in 2014. It wasn't a prize winner, however it was a winner with the kids; and perhaps us, as people were throwing coins in it. 206154985 EMERGING SPIRIT timber Grahame had 3 pieces accepted into the Sculptures Inside section of sculptures by the Sea, this being one of them. 206154986 FOXES HAT old bridge nails This piece also exhibited Inside at Sculptures by the Sea. And sold. 206154987 HMAS PINNOCK sewing machine bits This piece was chosen for exhibition at Scuptures by the Sea but was never shown as it sold to someone of some note before the exhibition began. 206154988