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                                                           A unique art and coffee experience

                         flying spanners gallery

Photo Gallery

GRAHAME'S SCUPLTURE GRAHAME'S SCUPLTURE EMERGING SPIRIT This was the first sculpture Grahame showed me. It became part of our courtship. 201873629 ANCIENT SCRIBE One of Grahame's earliest pieces. 201873627 PORTALS available Winner of the Dobell Sculpture Award 2014. 201873626 TRICKLEDOWN Selected for exhibition at Sculptures by the Sea in 2014. 201873628 HMAS PINNOCK Also selected for Sculptures by the Sea 2014. It sold to the Chairman of the Board. 201873630 OLD PLANE This is still one of my favourites. 201873631 CROSSBEARING available A strong & spiritual piece. 201873632 NOWHERE MAN A concept not yet a reality. 201873635 HUMANITIES THREAD available Made from discarded farmyard bits and bobs. 201873636 DESERT DANCER A rhythmically spiritual piece. 201873637 ODE TO THE KITCHEN A work to boggle the mind. 201873638 NOREASTER ABEAM ...from the sailor within. 201873639 SENTINELS Solid & significant. 201873640 PETIT SNAIL Perfect for cradling in the hand. 206093619 CONCORDIA available Small yet uplifting. 206093620 FRILLY available A creative masterpiece. 206093621 TILTED TORSO available A majestic bodice. 206093622 WENDY This was chosen for Exhibition at Sculpture in the Vineyards, Mudgee and nearly sold to Wendy Whitely... hence the name. 206093623 LITTLE SWAN A symbol for the sensitive. 206093624 MAXINE available A tribute to Max Dupane. 206093625 LIZARD LOG What a little charmer. 206093626 SEAMAID available This piece was carved from timber and was then cast in bronze. The bronze sold. 206093627 KNOT A TORSO A very generous friend has been donating pieces of timber for Grahame to artify. The results have been magnificent. Thank you Steve. 206093632 PUP available Is it a seal or is it a dog? 206093633 JELLYFISH available Grahame has also had this one bronzed. It carries a beautiful energy. 206093634 LITTLE FISH A pure sweety. 206093635 LONE EGRET This sold before it made it to the Grahame's wife. 206093636 ECHIDNA available A piece to be stroked... 206093637 BIRD available This piece needs to be viewed in the round. 206093638 THE DIVE Grahame's Father sold Janzen Swimwear...could his subconscious be at play? 206093639 SPOT THE POSS available He might not stay put very long. 206093640 SERENDIPITY available What a magnificent creation this is...Grahame's wife will have to keep this one too if no-one claims her soon. 206093641 SMOOTH SAILING available This was smoothed from huon pine. It evokes the feeling of wind upon the sails. 206093642 TWISTED TORSO Grahame's vision is unique and affecting. 206093643 CARBONERA front This is an intimate and meditative piece . 206093645 CARBONERA rear Its rear end is almost as beautiful as its front. 206093644