The Small's Collection The Small's Collection CLOSE ENCOUNTERS I love this little guy - don't ask me where he came from. He has moved to a very special home. Thanks Deb for all the love. 201868380 CURIOSITY This painting was sold complete with fly. 201868381 A QUIET MEETING The spirits are all around us. 201868382 SPIKE doesn't like to be touched. 202167847 MOUSEY has a sore tail. 202167782 ORCHID TIME it's spring into action time. 202167783 NORBITT & NUTMEG I think I was channelling Piglet here. 205189753 TREE FOR TWO Who knows what goes on up there in the treetops. 206093569 PRICKLY PAIR so take care. 206093570 WOM & BAT are a bit shy. 206093571 BABY ORCHID is hiding someone. 206093595 HIDDEN TREASURE a sleeping jewel. 206093596 WINGED WARATAH The Love centre. 206093597 BOO WHO Who there? 206093607 BILL & BE The stare off. 206093610 EM & MU Staring too. 206093608 NOSING YOU is fun. 206093611 WALKABOUT an Australian journey. 206093612 POSS & SON a learning journey. 206093613 BANDY & COOT are inseparable. 206093614 QUOK & KA sharing a moment. 206093615 COCKATWO "ullo" 206093617